Navigating The Future City

Transport interchanges are perhaps the most important civic spaces in our city, used by millions every day. These stations often physically divide and blight the city around them, and can feel alien to their existing context with large concourses that fail to relate properly to the urban grain.

These areas can, however, provide opportunities to build more, and stitch together divided neighbourhoods. The transport interchange of the future unlocks new development and enables greater freedom of movement, with smaller, more distributed concourses as part of a vibrant public realm. Civic presence and placemaking ensures that our experience of navigating the future city is efficient and enjoyable.

Find the gap

The future station will allow our cities to grow and densify sustainably by becoming more permeable, and helping connect previously divided areas. This will create opportunities to provide new homes, offices, and public buildings and encourages regeneration. Better station design generates great public places, and additionally creates commercial addresses with a higher value.

Southern Cross Station
Melbourne, Australia


A sense of place

The future station is a civic hub which responds to the identity of its surroundings, while creating an appropriate sense of place and scale, for arriving and departing passengers.

Fulton Center
New York City, NY, USA


London, UK

Joining the dots

The building of major infrastructure such as Crossrail provides a wonderful opportunity to think holistically about the integration of stations, public spaces and amenities to create vibrant city places. The inclusion of art and culture alongside quality architecture and engineering helps to give identity and character to our city.

During the Growing the Future City exhibition at Foyles Gallery we are running a campaign inviting the public to share their ideas, online and on our interactive wall in the exhibition space. Please answer the question: what would improve your journeys through the city? on Twitter using the hashtags #growingmycity #navigating. We’ll feature the best posts in our end-of-show round up.