Living In The Future City

As urban populations swell, cities are faced with increasing difficulties in housing their residents. Patterns are shifting from suburban ideals back to a greater urbanity, and new developments must address this change.

One solution to increased demand is to build higher with greater density, however we must design thoughtfully and ensure there are desirable communal spaces, opportunities for social interaction, and nearby connections with transport interchanges.

To address the housing shortage facing many of our global urban centres, we are working with residential developers to implement a variety of planning and building techniques to help find new ways of living with, and amongst, one another.

Holistic housing

Successful residential architecture has social well-being at the heart of its design, whether this is to encourage exercise by applying ‘active design’ guidelines to buildings, or creating opportunities for social and community interaction.

Stockwell Park & Robsart Village
London, UK

Common spaces

When residents are required to inhabit a limited amount of space, sharing economies, and by extension, shared spaces are becoming an everyday part of life. Applied to residential developments, new housing concepts allow a greater number of people to do more with less.

The Big Table
London, UK

Building on the past

Aging architecture and infrastructure often lend us the foundation for new projects that gracefully honour the past while addressing the future. Beyond connecting a site to its history, the adaptive reuse of well-regarded structures often leads to creative design interventions.

Harbour Mills Apartments
Sydney, Australia

Neighbourhood heights

Solutions for increasing the residential capacity of our cities involve either increased height, increased density or a combination of the two. This level of density helps to support local businesses and amenities, bringing vitality to the neighbourhood.

Aspire Tower

During the Growing the Future City exhibition at Foyles Gallery we are running a campaign inviting the public to share their ideas, online and on our interactive wall in the exhibition space. Please answer the question: How do we adapt to living and working in a denser city? on Twitter using the hashtags #growingmycity #living. We’ll feature the best posts in our end-of-show round up.